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One gardener's blog about her/his experience with SunPatiens.

"They [SunPatiens] were AWESOME. I was very pleased with them. I grew them in a border along the north side of my garage where they also got some west light. They were tough, full of flowers through the summer and grew quite large. I didn’t photograph them because the setting was a “test” setting that wasn’t the most photogenic spot, but I was very impressed."

Doug Jimerson, Editor-in-Chief: Garden and Outdoor Living
Better Homes and Gardens Magazine

SunPatiens"I did plant the SunPatiens and generally am pleased. There are one or two plants that require more water than the others, but all are planted in the full sun and seem to be growing well."

Terri Winefordner, Orlando, FL

"They have survived all summer, managed the heat well and are still blooming. I live in Houston so you know it’s hot."

Kathy Huber, The Houston Chronicle

"The SunPatiens have done well through the summer months. We planted some in an area where they receive afternoon sun and only receive irrigation twice a week. We provided additional water for a few weeks until they established. During the heat of the summer they would wilt each afternoon but recover. They still look good."

Stephen G. Pategas, RLA, ASLA, Landscape Architect
Hortus Oasis, Inc.
Oct. 2008

"They were excellent. Vigorous and floriferous, self cleaning and still
going strong. I'm impressed."

Adrian Higgins, Washington Post, Sept. 2008

SunPatiens at Icon Condominiums

"So far they look amazing and are growing extremely well."

- Eric Wheeler, Manager ICON Condominiums, Miami Beach, FL

“I first tried the Viva Sun Patiens last year.  I must say I was reluctant, but yet excited as my backyard pool is FULL sun.  I purchased 6 plants.  I just LOVED them.  I received so many compliments from my neighbors and family.  They just looked beautiful.”

- Ginny, Northwest Ohio

Their performance is awesome! They were planted in front of the building and it is full sun. Comparing them with regular impatiens, the VIVA selection exceeds the competition here in Chicago .  Plus, the color selection is great.

- Jose, Chicago, IL

Performing very well. They got nice and big and are flowering nicely.

- B, Chicago

I have full sun and no mulch on them now and they are doing fantastic!  I was skeptical at first but they have done better than i thought they would. They are growing very well, in large containers. In open hot southern summer sunshine.

- Nancy, Charlotte, NC

SunPatiens at Cannes, France

We are experiencing somewhat of a "drought" here in southeastern VA for the past six months so I am having to frequently water the SunPatiens, however, given proper/required amounts of water they are doing fabulous. The foliage (especially the variegated) and blooms are both profuse and colorful. Mine are planted in mass with direct sun the majority of the day. Real eye catchers.

- M. , Virginia

I am frankly amazed at how well they are holding up in some pretty brutal afternoon sun, right next to an asphalt parking lot with no shade after about 11AM. I am glad to learn that they will be at Home Depot next season.

- Carl, St. Petersburg, FL


They are beautiful. The colors are intense and the plants are quick to grow.  

- David , Texas


The SunPatiens I planted in my yard are doing very well. … So far I’ve been impressed with their performance.

 - Dave, FL

The SunPatiens are doing really well. I like them a lot and they are not in the best spot in terms of soil, etc, but they are doing well.

- DJ