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Big Pink Geranium

What makes BIG PINK different from any other Pink Geranium? It's really, really big! The plants are easy to grow, and the unstoppably large bloom clusters keep coming from spring through fall on a nicely mounded-trailing plant habit. It is a heat-tolerant plant that is suited to garden plantings as well as container gardens and baskets.






Chapel Hill Lantana

VIVA! Chapel Hill is a special lantana because it blooms continuously with a fantastic show of color throughout the summer season. Plants are excellent for mass planting along hillsides, or combining with other plants in container gardens and will be hummingbird and butterfly machines.






Scentsational Lavender

This new hybrid of hardy lavender is one of the richest in essential oils, providing exceptional fragrance both in the garden and when dried. Also, the greatest lavender for the garden, Scentsational will continue to perform in even the most hot and humid climates where traditional lavenders suffer. With its bright silver leaves making a tidy mound – even in winter – Scentsational provides four seasons of interest for any sunny spot in your garden.






Miracle Fruit

VIVA! Miracle Fruit is a berry that, when eaten, causes sour foods to taste sweet. Miraculin, the active ingredient in the berry, is used commercially as a sugar substitute. When consumed, this molecule binds to the tongue's taste buds, causing sour foods to taste sweet. This effect usually lasts up to one hour. Can be grown indoors in the winter.






Hot Rod Red Petunia

RED flowers that just don't stop! VIVA! Hot Rod Red is a petunia that grows fast and keeps heads turning. The vivaciously vibrant blooms appear from spring straight through fall and cover the garden highway. Use everywhere from baskets to borders and mixed into patio containers, too.






Ragtime Petunia

Petunias have long been America's favorite garden plant, and new RagTime is no exception.This jazzy new addition to the VIVA! lineup features a lively white pico tee around the flashy magenta blooms. And as one of the most robust petunias on the market with an abundance of flower-power, RagTime is sure to add a brighter tune to your flower beds and containers. Add a little food on a regular basis and the blossoms won't miss a beat!






White Lava Colocasia

VIVA! White Lava is a new Colocasia bred on the island of Maui and is unlike any available in today's market. The foliage is uniquely ornate with bright coconut white veins on a rich green base. It has been bred to be a sturdy garden performer and container specimen.






Asiatic Lily - Lily Looks

Lily Looks™ are the newest and best breeding of Asiatic Lilies. They have more blooms, improved colors, and stronger stems. This means a brighter, longer lasting lily for your patio or your garden. Keep moist, but do not allow to become soggy. Enjoy indoors in a sunny location before planting outside.

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Calla Lilies - Calypso

CalypsoThe dazzling colors of these new callas are sure to start another Calypso Craze! Vibrant waves of flowers will dance through the garden like the undulating ruffles of an exotic calypso skirt. Like something out of a storybook, the phenomenal colors of these new Calla Lilies are sure to captivate the colorful spirit of any gardener bored with the ordinary. Great for cut flowers!

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Coleus - 'Henna'

HennaThis Coleus is a versatile decorator of the garden because it can take sun or shade. This new 'Henna' variety has the rich tones and detailed patterns reminiscent of the exotic body decorations of India. Use Coleus in mixed planters or in a mass along the border. It can brighten up a dark corner or add excitement to a mixed container on your deck.

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Coleus - Wasabi

You know that rush of zing that comes with the taste of the Japanese condiment, wasabi? Coleus Wasabi™ does the same thing in your garden! The chartreuse green will add a rush of color that is surprisingly bright- different from any you've planted before. A strong and vigorous grower, Wasabi™ will do well in full sun or shade- anywhere you want to add great bursts of pinky-red color. Needs moist, well drained soil.




Coleus - Red Head

Look out for these Great Balls of Fire! Coleus Red Head™ will light up your garden with balls of glowing red foliage that will really turn some heads. A strong and vigorous grower, Red Head™ will do well in full sun or shade- anywhere you want to add great bursts of pinky-red color. Needs moist, well drained soil.




Colocasia - 'Kona Coffee'

The rich, bold foliage of 'Kona Coffee' is sure to wake your garden out of its doldrums. A result of the breeding program at the University of Hawaii, the unique, compact habit of this colocasia adds a special versatlility. It not only makes a great accent plant for garden beds, but at a 2'-3' ultimate height, it is also compact enough to be used in mixed containers. What better way to spruce up your garden or patio than with the extra perkiness of a 'Kona Coffee'!

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Dahlia - XXL

Look out! Here come some Extra Large Flowers! VIVA! Dahlia XXL™ are strong, well branching plants have stong stalks andgiant, long-lasting blooms that make great cut flowers. Not only are they great fun in the garden, but they are also easy to grow and do well in containers. Provide moist, well draining soil.

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Geranium - Big Magenta

VIVA! is excited to bring you the next BIG thing- 'BIG MAGENTA'™ Geranium. Its intense magenta will saturate your garden in color. 'BIG MAGENTA'™ is also heat and drought tolerant, is a heavy bloomer and has the vigor that stustains these attributes. Enjoy easy-to-grow ‘BIG MAGENTA’™ in flower beds, baskets, window boxes, or mixed container gardens. Provide moist, well drained soil, but will tolerate drier conditions once established.




Geranium 'BIG RED'

Big RedA true red geranium has long been a goal for geranium breeders the world over. VIVA! is excited to bring you the best new true red geranium ever hybridized. The color is a great achievement, but the other important attributes that add to its glory are its tolerance for heat and drought, its heavy flowering, and the vigor that sustains these attributes. Enjoy Big Red in flower beds, baskets, window boxes, or mixed containers gardens.

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Geranium 'TexMex'

VIVA! TexMex is one hot tamale! Some Geraniums will whimper in the heat of the summer, but TexMex will keep going strong. This new bi-colored geranium has fiery hot red and pink blooms with dark foliage which will add hot color to your garden. Will do well in planters and window boxes, as well as garden beds. Makes a strong border plant.

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Impatiens - Rococo

Add an elegant twist to your garden with Rococo. The ruffled blooms on these New Guinea Impatiens are a perfect way to brighten up a shady spot in your garden. Blooms spring all the way fall's first frost. Provide moist, well draining soil.




Pennisetum - Fireworks

FireworksSeldom has a new easy-to-grow plant drawn as many 'oooh' and 'ahhh's' as 'Fireworks' - it has explosive color that will brighten up any garden or patio. The past few years we have seen 'grasses' become the rage of outdoor landscaping. Bold and brassy multicolor leaves make this an easy highlight. Dense round clumps to 4' wide of fountain-like reddish brown leaves. Good for dry locations such as gravel beds and rock gardens.

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Pennisetum - Sky Rocket

SkyrocketYour garden will be more than an "afternoon delight" when the arching pink plumes of Pennisetum 'Sky Rocket' are in flight. This exciting new green and white variegated grass will burst into your garden with accents of color and texture. Try planting against darker backdrops to take best advantage of the explosive color or plant in containers to showcase the pendulous seeds heads.

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Pennisetum - Cherry Sparkler

VIVA! Cherry Sparkler™ Pennisetum is the newest fountain grass with lively pink, white and green foliage. Like cherry-pink and white sparklers on the fourth of July, Cherry Sparkler™ will add the perfect sparkling texture to your garden or planter. They will thrive in well drained soils and tolerate drier conditions once established.




Petunia Lemon Zest

All petunias want to be rose colored – that is sort of the natural color of the wild petunia. Breeders have spent years developing all the other flower colors – with yellow being the hardest color to make. When we saw this Lemon Zest, we just stopped dead in our tracks. It is a GREAT color. It’s bright – the petunia holds the flowers up where we can see all the color – we really like this flower! And it is yellow!

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Petunia Rhythm and Blues

Rhythm & BluesWhile America’s favorite bedding plant may have ancestors from Argentina, new ‘Rhythm & Blues’ Petunia brings a funky soul bounce to the garden. Striking picotee edging surrounds jazzy blue flowers on compact plants. Easy to care for. Use in mixed containers, borders and baskets. Add a little food on a regular basis and the blossoms won’t miss a beat!

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Petunia Strawberry Zest

You'll want to stroll through "Strawberry Fields Forever" once you catch a glimpse of the way that 'Strawberry Zest' petunia blooms in flower borders, containers or hanging baskets. Like the other petunias in the "Zest" line, it is compact, easy-to-grow, and jam packed with color!

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Rudbeckia 'Tiger Eye'

Tiger Eye'Tiger Eye' Rudbeckia is a big, bright splash of color that stands out all season long. Every university, arboretum, and private plant trial that grew 'Tiger Eye' rated it a top performer. Even late in the season when other Rudbeckias and most of the garden was fading, 'Tiger Eye' still looked fabulous. Enjoy the finest new breeding in Rudbeckias.

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Snapdragon - Snap Daddy

Snap DaddyNow there's an exciting, new snapdragon for the entire growing season! Often considered to be cool season flowers, 'Snap Daddy' Snapdragon is more than just a cool cat, it really beats the heat! The variegated foliage and bright-yellow flowers make this a tough garden plant even in the heat. Great for use in sunny flower borders or even as a focal point in mixed containers. ‘Snap Daddy’ is a superb accent for flower beds and can also be used as a cut flower.Hardy to Zone 7 and colder with protection.

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Sun Loving Caladium

“Strap Leaf” Caladiums can take full sun and tolerate hot conditions. Great foliage color brightens gardens and patios. We suggest a rich, moisture-holding soil.

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SunPatiensVIVA! SunPatiens – Finally! An Impatiens for Full Sun!

These are like the old fashioned tall landscape plants that will grow and bloom and grow and bloom and did we say they will grow and bloom? GREAT in the garden… oh – and they take FULL SUN in HOT spots! An Amazing flower. EASY to grow – plant in full sun, water and you’re done.
New for 2012 is spreading Carmine Red. This red with pink undertones is perfect for a large container or hanging basket. It will also fill up a garden bed quickly with its bright showy blooms

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